Saturday, March 18, 2023


Since the launch of MCA V3 portal, we professionals have been facing lot of issues in uploading forms and getting approval from ROC/CRC. The problem varies from User ID creation, dsc registration, Form Uploading errors, Payment errors, Certificate of Registration not available even after Company registration etc. 

One such errors which recently we were facing and many users are still facing is "DSC is not registered with XXXXXX on MCA portal". This error was usually coming at the time of uploading SPICE forms and even after re-registering dsc and adding roles in Business user login, the error was still there. The 

MCA helpdesk has still not come with any solution to this problem but one of the hacks to resolve the issue temporarily is shared below: 

 STEP 1- OPEN YOUR BROWSER IN INCOGNITO/PRIVATE/SAFE MODE (Also preferably dont open MCA website in normal mode on the same browser till the activity is completed) 
STEP 2- LOGIN to your MCA Business Account 
STEP 3- OPEN THE Dashboard of the relevant SPICE Form 
STEP 4- EDIT the relevant form 
STEP 5- SAVE and SUBMIT the form once again 
STEP 6- Download the FORM and attach the DSC of Directors and professional 
STEP 7- Than UPLOAD the form. 

Remember that all the activities are to be done in INCOGNITO/PRIVATE/SAFE MODE. 

 This will solve the issue till MCA software vendor comes with some permanent solution. This has helped us and will surely help to most of the professionals. #DSCISNOTREGISTERED 


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